Your Own Code of Conduct

Shulchan Aruch is the precise “Code of Jewish Law.” It is the most widely consulted code of conduct for religiously observant Jews. The book begins with a command that is intended to be the first thought upon awakening in the morning: “Strengthen yourself like a lion to arise in the morning to serve the Creator….”

A modern version reads: “Rise up like a lion for the service of the Lord!”

What a marvelous mindset to give yourself in starting a new day. Write it across the sky of your mind. Fix your mind on it. When you do, you can have peace of mind in a world that tends to make you feel like Alice in Wonderland, who had to run as fast as she could just to stand still. You can because you are purpose driven. Your purpose is to serve the Lord in a world populated by persons whose hands and heads have outgrown their hearts. Therein you can be purpose driven. That purpose being to render lion hearted service in the name of the Lord.  

It is not so much what you do as how you do it. You will do many things in a day, all of which can be colored by the spirit with which you do them. You can live motivated so that “Whatever you do, (you can) work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men… You are serving the Lord Christ.” (Colossians 3:23-24)

Let your spirit be Spirit driven. 

I have often told athletes playing basketball that you can’t run up and down the court thinking about Jesus all the time, but you can run up and down the court thinking like Jesus.

You have many tasks that demand concentration prohibiting you from thinking about Jesus all day, but you can think like Jesus all day.

Each day start by having a little talk with yourself. Some of my best talks have been with myself. In this way you are defining for yourself the spirit with which you will face whatever comes your way. It is good to have a simple but significant standard used every day. Do this often enough and soon you won’t have to repeat it to yourself, it will become your instinctive nature.

No matter how long you live, you will have a last day. Live this day as if it is that day. Live it with the attitude you would like most to be known for. Live it as to the Lord in the event it proves to be the vestibule of eternity.

Extend to others the care and kindness you yourself would like to receive. Leave no love unshared, no thoughtfulness unexpressed, no grace unspoken.

Be a beatific blessing to all you meet. In that way you can —

“Rise up like a lion for the service of the Lord!”