A Lifelong Faith Walk

Psalms  27

Jesus wants to enable you to stretch yourself spiritually and expand the circumference of your faith. 

On His earth walk He greatly admired faith. After a woman had exercised admirable faith, He said to her. . . .

“Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”  (Luke 7:50)

Genuine faith begins when a person finally acknowledges “I’m not God,”  and happily acknowledges God is God, and submits to Him.

Such faith is assuring, insuring, and enduring.

Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, and faith looks up.

Faith helps us walk fearlessly, run confidently, and live victoriously.

Faith is the basis of life. Some people think it is a sign of weakness. It is rather an indication of strength. Thomas Edison said he never conducted an experiment that did not begin with faith.  

Have you ever driven on one of America’s freeways in a major metropolitan area at peak driving time?  You have faith.

Have you ever gone shopping when there is a mall-wide sale?  You have faith.

Have your ever gone on a date, taken a mate, driven in the rain, flown on a plane, bought or sold an item on credit? You have faith.

Have you ever eaten in a fast-food outlet where you don’t even know the cook, see its preparation, or know its source? You have faith.

Have you ever gone to a doctor you didn’t know, been given a prescription you couldn’t read, taken it to a pharmacist you couldn’t see, and taken the medicine provided?  You have faith.

Faith has many sophisticated definitions. However, faith is merely confidence in God’s character. Write it down, that’s a good one.

In our uncertain times stabilizing faith is needed. An uncertain economy and political instability coupled with all your personal challenges makes a strong faith all the more important.

Faith gives us the courage to face the present with confidence, and the future with expectancy.

All productive faith is based on the foundational faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior. It is simply believing He will keep His word and forgive you if you ask Him to, and commit yourself to Him as your Master. Thus begins your faith walk toward Calvary. It is a confident and joyous journey with peaks and valleys through which He will guide you. Have faith in His character and venture.