A Thankful Disposition

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (I Thessalonians 5: 18)

Simply stated, “It is God’s will for you to have a thankful disposition.” He not only wants you to have moments of giving thanks, He wants you to be thankful perpetually.

Giving thanks is an act of the will. 

Feeling thankful is an act of the emotions.

What is your disposition? Not what you wish it were, but what is it? What do persons conceive of your disposition as being based on what they have seen and heard?

Our predecessors realized the expediency of giving thanks and set aside for doing so. It is a good thing. Charles Dickens, however, may have had a better idea. He suggested that we reverse the practice and have a special day for griping and use the rest of the year for expressing thanks.

If you choose to change your mind and disposition to being by nature a thankful person it will amaze you and refresh your friends as to what a difference it will make.

When we start to count flowers,
we cease to count weeds.

When we start to count blessings,
we cease to count needs.

When we start to count laughter,
We cease to count tears.

When we count happy memories,
we cease to count fears.

We live in a society of ingrates. When was the last time you saw someone bow before a meal and give thanks in public. Do you? Will you?

A nationally prominent lawyer was responsible for sparing 78 men from the electric chair. Not one ever thanked him. Daily our Lord spares us. Do we thank Him?

The only way to consistently give thanks is for our focus to be on God. He is the constant that affords emotional equilibrium. If our focus is on things and happenings our thanks will vacillate.

Demonstration must accompany declaration. The difference in saying thanks flippantly and demonstrating thanksgiving is the difference in lightening and a lightening bug.  Note thanks is only part of the word thanksgiving. Giving is also part of the word. One of the three offerings exercised by ancient Jews was a thanksgiving offering. One can offer thanks without giving. However, the Lord instituted the offering so persons could demonstrate the devotion of their hearts.

Leonardo da Vinci neared the completion of one of his masterpieces. He called one of his students over and giving his said, “Here, you finish it.” The student, feeling unworthy, protested. Da Vinci said, “Will not what I have done inspire you to do your best?”

If what Jesus has done does not inspire us to be, do, and give our best, nothing will. Resolve now to demonstrate a thankful heart to the Lord daily.