The most dangerous place in America today is a mother’s womb. Every day in America over 4,000 preborn babies are aborted. Those for and against the procedure call it abortion. The word “abort(ion)” defined by “Webster’s Encyclopedia of Dictionaries” means “to fail to bring to fruition.”

If that which is aborted were allowed to come to fruition it would be a human being. What is it that is not allowed to come to fruition? A human being.

It is in the womb so it must be acknowledged to be a being. It is not a non-being. Since it is the product of copulation by two human beings, it is human; a human being.

Some skeptics refer to the preborn as “fetal matter” which they do not consider a human being until it starts breathing. Against that background consider this.

Dr. Luke, “the beloved physician” (Col. 4:14), used the Greek word “brephos” in referring to unborn infants. The term means “a breathing infant.” He used the same term to describe Christ after birth. Question, how can a preborn be considered a “breathing thing.”

That had to be accepted by faith for years until modern science has answered the question. The answer is that the preborn actually “breathes” and gets nourishment through the umbilical cord coming from the placenta. An explanation of this is found in open-heart surgery known as “cardiopulmonary bypass.” Although the lungs of the patient are artificially ventilated during the procedure to prevent them from collapsing, they do not oxygenate the blood during the surgery. This has to be done mechanically through the blood. During the procedure the patient actually “breathes through the blood.” In like manner the preborn breathes through the blood.

These beings not being allowed to come to fruition are living, breathing human beings.

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” wrote the Psalmists (139:14). He did so long before modern science knew the body consists of 30-trillion cells, each with twenty-three chromosomes all having a memory. At the moment of conception the genes are resent that determine whether you will be an ectomorph, tall person; endomorph, fat person; or mesomorph, in between. Innate in these genes at the instant of conception are the color of your hair, eyes, and skin, sex, and whether you will be an early or late riser each morning. Eighteen weeks later all toes, fingers, and organs are formed. A human being is in process of coming into fruition.

Who are these people? Various “exceptions” are offered for legitimizing abortion. Would you have aborted the following child?

The mother was pregnant with her fifth child. Her husband had syphilis and she tuberculosis. The first child was born blind. The second child died shortly after birth. Their third child wad deaf. Their fourth child had tuberculosis. Would you have advised aborting their fifth child?

If so, you just suggested aborting Ludwig van Beethoven.

Every young woman considering an abortion should ask herself this question posed by the prophet Micah (6:7), “Shall I give my first-born for my transgressions, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?”

Even if the pregnancy is unwanted the child deserves to feel wanted. The Lord has used many adults who’s conception was unwanted. Each preborn human being deserves the right to life.