America: The World’s Only Superpower

More twins are being born today than ever. One child said it is because the world is such a scary place babies are afraid to come in alone.

Global pressures make that sound reasonable. Iraq, North Korea, and Venezuela are only a few of the hot spots. Coupling that with America’s unpopularity in many nations and hatred in Arab lands makes for a boiling caldron.

America is the only legitimate global superpower. That is a first in the history of the world. Even during great empires such as Rome, Egypt, and Greece there were challenging dynasties. Our singular state is one of the primary reason certain countries are insisting the US get United Nations sanctions before acting. It is an effort to subordinate America to this world organization.

France and Germany are foremost in this effort. There are several reasons for their attitude. One is the massive Muslim population that has settled in their countries since the Ayatollah returned to Iran and urged Muslims to move to Europe. This milieu has resulted in an attitude of placating these outsiders lest terrorist elements in their ranks strike them. Watch for even greater influence from their immigrant population. The numbers are staggering.

As an aside there is a reason for the French reluctance to back America in efforts against Iraq. It is revealed in the spurious report that there is to be a major sale of World War II French rifles in mint condition that have never been fired and dropped only once.

North Korea has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Conditions within this isolated land are deplorable. I have a friend who has been working with the limited relief efforts there. They say starvation is so rampant that guards are posted at cemeteries to prevent bodies from being dug up and used as food. Their million man army gets priority on food. Their military arsenal is formidable. An all out clash with South Korea would be a major mismatch favoring the North. Fortunately for us we are not opposing their nuclear efforts alone. Their neighbors are justifiably concerned.

Under normal conditions Venezuela would not be of such concern. Their oil is important to our economy. Efforts to reconcile opposing groups have been futile. It is class warfare stimulated by political interests. The oil supply has been curtailed to the point it is influencing two continents.

To withstand these international pressures coupled with internal discord America is going to have to be a super power in more ways than one. The moral fiber and spiritual vitality that has carried us through many crises has been eroded at a time it is most needed. If a realization that our super military power is not enough to see us through this dark hour results in a returning to the supernatural power that has sustained us previously this will prove to be a good hour.

The prophets of ancient Israel exhorted the people to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Let’s pray for the peace of America.