America Under Siege

If you have a 1996 calendar you don’t need a 2024 calendar, they are the same. As calendar dates repeat themselves so it appears history does.

Lord Macaulay, nineteenth century English poet, historian, and politician wrote of America, “Your republic will be pillaged and ravaged in the twentieth century just as the Roman Empire was by the Barbarians in the fifth century, with the difference, that the devastators of Rome came from abroad, while your Barbarians will be the people of your own country and the products of your own institutions.”

That is not a pretty picture when you think of the result of being “pillaged and ravaged.” Yet, we see playing out today as the “products” of our institutions that could lead to that. These products are so entrained that one statesman when asked if the progressive agenda could be reversed in our colleges and universities answered, “No, it is too ingrained.”

Rome was destroyed when Attila the Hun’s Hunnic hordes poured over her impregnable walls. The citizenry of Rome was so debilitated they could not defend themselves. We see a similar act as unknown persons in unnumbered hoards cross our open borders. Allowing this seems to be an act of idiocracy.

They dislike our food and when given it they often discard it. Many major hotels in which they are housed at the expense of American citizens are pillaged.

In some areas they are given free phones, driver’s license, and even college tuition. In some cases they are afforded emergency Medicaid, access to treatment in hospital emergency rooms, or access to healthcare and nutrition programs.

In some areas public schools are being overrun by a massive influx of students.

All of this and more is being funded by American taxpayers.

A little known fact is that more than 300,000 Americans have died of overdoses from drugs brought over the border. Countless others have become unmotivated and unproductive as a result of drug use. The cost of this is incalculable. 

What is happening is one of the largest human migrations in all of history. This is one of the most significant demographic shifts in modern U.S. history. Historically every mass migration has dramatically changed the culture of the country into which they migrate. Historically migrants try to convert their new home country to be like their old country before conditions motivated their exodus.

Do you know of any local organization or institution that is working to expose and end this travesty?

This is referred to as the greatest opportunity the American church has ever had. Compassion within some churches motivated them to want to support and supply the migrants. That is admirable, but how many speak out about the illegal action?

It is a massive challenge and many realizing it is too large for them do nothing to slow or stop it. 2024 will afford citizens an opportunity to act even if the government doesn’t. That action is to change the federal government at the ballot box. Georgia is seen as one of the prize states in the forthcoming election. Our local area is vital in determining the outcome of the election. Perpetuating the same national environment by electing persons tolerant of it might very well eventuate in the nation being “pillaged and ravaged.” Get involved once the candidates for national office are selected.

There is a spiritual component to this scenario so commit yourself to ongoing prayer.