Angels Watching Over Me? Oh, Glory! Part Three

The topic of angels is a popular one. Angels recently made the cover of Time and were the feature article in an issue of Newsweek. 

At Saks Fifth Avenue there is a new “Angel” perfume from French clothing designer Thierry Mugler who believes that since every person has a guardian angel they should smell like one.

The question is often asked: are we human beings alone in this vast universe? No, the universe is full of supernatural beings. There is not only extraterrestrial intelligence, there are extra-cosmic beings, called angels. 

Once there were no angels. That means they were created by our Immortal Creator.

“Praise Him, all His angels, praise Him, all His hosts… Let them praise the name of the Lord; for He commanded, and they were created.” (Psalm 148: 2 – 5)

They are not like God in that He is all present, so they are unlike Him in that they are not all knowing.

Jesus said of His second coming the angels don’t know the time.

Angels presently occupy a state higher than human beings. However, someday the saints of Christ will rule over angels: “Do you not know that we shall judge angels?” (I Cor. 6: 3)

Presently, they are supernatural and we are natural. After death in eternity we will be exalted supernatural saints who rule over angels. Be in mind we will not become angels, we are saints.

Angels are not inferior deities interposed between God and human beings. Instead they are instruments of God’s use. They do not exercise independent power. They are not to be objects of our worship. Neither are we to be preoccupied with them, but with Jesus.

Guardian angels are with us wherever we go. Again, we are not to be preoccupied with them, but with Jesus.

Our guardian angels have one final role to play. From the experience of Lazarus, the beggar who died, we know we will have an angel escort on our journey from our mortal body into the immortal home in heaven. He was “carried by the angels” into the very presence of God. (Luke 16: 22)

Until then let your heart sing the chorus, “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, The God of angel armies is always by my side. The one who reigns forever He is a friend of mine.”