Are You Reliable?

Blessed is “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change…” Psalm 15:4 NKJV

A different translation expresses the same message in different words: “… who keeps his word whatever the cost….” Psalm 15: 4 HCSB

Are you known for keeping your word, are you known for being punctual, do you have the reputation for being reliable, always doing what you say you will do, and performing on time?

You are personally responsible for your reputation. Your lifestyle is a living performance dramatizing your reputation. You are responsible for what people think of you.

Check yourself out on these character traits. Don’t be reluctant to blame yourself when appropriate.

My wife and I were shopping on Canal Street in New Orleans. We had different needs and agreed to go our special ways and later meet. I was there a bit ahead of time. I checked my watch and thought negatively about her not being there. I reflected on the fact we were to rendezvous under the big clock at ***. Finally it dawned on me that I was on the wrong street corner. I then went to meet her under the clock where she was thinking critically of my lack of punctuality. My lack of timelessness was based on a mistake and didn’t become a lifestyle.

What do you do when you fail to perform punctually? You apologize and are determined to not let it become a lifestyle.

Sometimes we fail to perform as promised because changing circumstances make it impossible. Always consider all possible variables before promising.

A misunderstanding often keeps us from performing on time. Be clear before promising.

We have a plumber friend who promised several times he would fix a leaky faucet. Every time I called him about it he never apologized, he just made another promise, but didn’t perform. I checked with others about it and found he had done that to so many others he was known as “Later, lying, lazy Larry.” How did he get that reputation? He earned it.

I have a friend who as a D1 football coach won two national championships in a row. We were walking and taking on the grounds of a retreat center when he opened up. He had promised an assistant coach that if he would stay with him the next five years he would retire and encourage the school to hire him. He then said, “I had just won two National Championships in a row, had my best recruited class coming, and didn’t want to retire.” Then he quoted the above verse regarding “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change…” He did keep his word and retired. He had a very good reputation. How did he get it? He earned it.

What reputation have you earned?