Change Can Be Constructive

Jesus specializes in new creations. I know, I am one. Change is vogue. No generation has seen more change faster than ours. It is said human knowledge doubles every 17 days. In that environment don’t plan on maintaining the status quo. Especially when the status is nothing to “quo” about.

All of us are instinctively resistant to change for two reasons. One is explained by a Greek word and the other a well known English word.

The Greek word is homeo/stasis. “Home” means the same. “Stasis” means “to stand” or “be the same.” Put together they mean “to stand in the same place,” or “I do not want to change.”

The Lord has built into every one of us a clock. When we reach a certain age we don’t want to change. Between the ages of 17 and 20 the body clock goes off and an inner stubbornness to personal change occurs. It is clinically called  “internalization of identity.” At that point in life we become resistant to change.

The English word describing why we are reluctant to change is emotions.  Emotions are feelings that are loyal to past experiences and decisions. Emotions are an enemy to change.

Change, even from worse to better, causes inconvenience.  It is impossible to make people secure amid change. You can only help them feel less threatened by it.

Amid such sudden and dramatic change what is a person to do?

Resolve to develop your core values.

Raytheon is a company that developed many of our high tech guided missiles. Their theme is: “Excellence begins with fundamentals.”

In the Christian life contentment and character begin with fundamentals. In an era characterized by a crisis of emptiness the reason can be found in an absence of core values among people. Inconsistency and uncertainty result.

Memorize Scripture so you can apply it in times of crisis. Often people say, “I can’t memorize well!” Oh, yes you can if properly motivated. How would you respond to the request to memorize a meaningful chapter of Scripture such as the Sermon on the Mount? How would you respond if told you will be given $10,000 if you memorize the Sermon on the Mount. Perhaps, “Ex-cussse me, I’ve got to start my memory work.”

If you know the value of Scripture memorization you will do it. Base your core values on the Word of God.

Start by memorizing and resolving to live by such as these: John 3: 16, Colossians 3: 23, II Peter 2: 5-8, Psalm 23, Numbers 6: 24-26, Philippians 2: 5 – 8.

Start slow, but stay with it. You can do it.