God, Quantum Physics, And The Bible

In our pragmatic state of mind we tend not to believe in what we cannot comprehend with our basis senses. Therefore, the idea of world conditions being different from those we know seems far fetched.

Quantum physics is a science presently challenging the scientific community much less the limited scientific knowledge of non-scientists. Trying to look up a comparatively simple definition of the subject is a challenge. Under “quantum physics” is a note it is based on “quantum theory.” There you find “quantum theory” is based on “quantum mechanics.” There the definition is: “theory of the mechanics of atoms, molecules, and other physical systems that are subject to the uncertainty principle.”

An overly simplistic description is it means coloring outside the scientific box as most of us know it.

Try this for example. Quantum physics suggests that quantum particles that make up atoms can leap distances without going through space. What? They can even change their fundamental qualities to evade detection. The amazing thing is there are scientists who understand this.

This science offers evidence that light particles can ignore time. Studious people with knowledge in the field are convinced of it.

Some persons of faith in the scientific community are saying this is opening the door to further comprehension of creation.

Theologian Paul Tillich commented, “The truth of faith cannot be confirmed by the latest physical or biological or psychological discoveries — as it cannot be denied by them.”

True, if it were confirmed it would not be faith. Also true the legitimacy of faith cannot be denied by science because not all is known about science as quantum physics is showing.

Quantum physics shows that there is a lot not known, a lot.

One basic law of logic is you can’t prove a negative. For example the negative “there is no God” can’t be proven. To prove there is no God a person would have to know all there is to know and in the total body of knowledge know there is not God.

If you know some person who professes to know so much they can assert with confidence there is no God run these questions by them.

Do you know how many hairs are on the back of a musk ox in Nome, Alaska?

Do you know how many gallons of water there are in the Pacific Ocean?

Do you know the sum total of all heavenly bodies?

Do you know what lies just outside the distance viewable by the most powerful telescope?

Do you know what things are invisible?

Do you know for certain light particles can’t ignore space?

What percent of all knowledge do you suppose you know?

Do you think that in that percentage of the unknown God could exist without your knowledge?

Blaise Pascal a man noted for his contribution to literature, mathematics, and science believed things people of his era thought ludicrous. Today those things are the norm. He wrote: “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God the Creator, through Jesus Christ.” That explains so many empty people.