God’s Hall of Fame

The MLB playoffs are very much a popular topic. Consider two of the most outstanding men to have ever played the game. 

Both played for the New York Yankees during the era of their “Golden Age.” They were Bobby Richardson and Mickey Mantle. Though they had few things in common they were very close friends. Bobby had a lifestyle of strong personal faith. Mickey none, but he would occasionally show interest and was always open about it. Over the years Bobby shared his faith with Mickey.

When Mickey was on his death bed the family asked Bobby to visit him, which he did. When Bobby entered Mickey’s hospital room, he took Mickey’s hand and said, “Mickey, I love you, and want you to spend eternity with me.”  

With a smile Mantle responded, “Bobby I’ve been wanting to tell you that I have trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior.”

That news brought joy to the heart and tears to the eyes of Bobby.

The Mantle family asked Bobby to speak at Mickey’s funeral at which he recited the following he and Mickey talked of frequently. Both had memorized it.

Your name may not appear down here
In this world’s Hall of Fame.
In fact you may be so unknown
That no one knows your name

The trophies, the honors, and flashbulbs here may pass you by,
The neon lights of blue, 
But if you know and love the Lord,      
Then I have news for you.

This Hall of Fame is only good
As long as time shall be,
But keep in mind, God’s hall of Fame
Is for eternity.

I tell, you friend, I wouldn’t trade
My name however small,
That’s written there beyond the stars
In that celestial hall,

For every famous name on earth
Or glory that it shares, 
I’d rather be an unknown here
And have my name up there.”