Has God Just Busted Our Britches?

Johnny Cash told me he was asked to do a big benefit at which the First Lady Mamie Eisenhower would be in attendance. He had a new tight fitting suit made with dangles and spangles all over it. On stage before he could hit the first note he dropped his guitar pick. When he squatted to pick it up he heard a rip in the crotch. He did a number and stormed off stage. In the dressing room he tore off the suit, threw it on the floor, and screamed as he jumped up and down on it. June started laughing uncontrollably. He asked what was so funny.

She said, ”You have the number one song, just starred in a movie, got your own TV program, and God done busted yo britches.”

She knew he needed to be humbled in order to get right with God.

To say God might have just allowed the busting of our national britches is a crude, but understandable way of putting it.

We have told Him we don’t need Him in our schools, courts, and society.

Could it be God is saying what you are experiencing is what life is like without Me when things don’t go well? Now humble yourselves, and pray, and seek my face and I will show you a way out and what life can be like. He will sew up our britches. Crude but true.