How Is Your Love Life? Part Three

Galatians 5: 19 – 26

The definitive Greek language has several words translated love. Two are “eros” and “philos.”

Eros was used to speak of love that we know as physical attraction between persons on a sexual level. We get our word “erotic” from their word. How would it sounds to say “I erotic you?”

“Philos,” was the Greek word for a kind of love which we describe by friendship or brotherly love.  It is warm affection apart from any sexual attraction.

Only when we love Jesus with a love that is self-sacrificing (agape) for His welfare can we get eros and philos working right.

Tragedy of tragedy is that in our society an attempt is made to define all love by the definition of eros, that is, sensual, fleshly love.  For that reason it is inconceivable that brotherly love can exist without sexual involvement.  Or, that self-sacrificing love can be expressed without expecting some sexual favor in return.

To better understand the meaning of true Biblical love, consider how the word agape is used in the Scripture.

Try substituting some of the meanings of eros in John 3:16:

“For God so loved the world…that He felt so romantic about it…that He got a tingling sensation down His spine…that He had a friendly spirit of tolerance and brotherhood toward it no matter what it believed….”

The text says He loved so much that He did something, “He gave His only begotten Son.” Love is an act of willful, self-sacrificing for the good of another.

When Christ told us to love our enemies, He was not urging us to have a warm, wonderful, happy relationship with them.  That may be impossible.  He was appealing to His followers to engage in acts of self-sacrificing service in order to win them.  It means to give without expecting in return.

This is the kind of self-sacrificing love in Christ’s name that can reach hardened hearts and win them to Christ.  Remember our objective is not to win friends for ourselves, but to win followers of Christ.

Jesus’ simple command requires greater strength than any of us naturally possess – it requires the Holy Spirit, the Helper.” 

Resolve to let the Helper help you to love in Jesus’ name. Sing it, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Let others experience it when in your company.