How to Be Angry Without Sinning – Part Four

Ephesians 4: 26, 27

How can a person be angry and NOT sin? The Jesus kind is indignation. Decide to be angry about things and not with people. Love people, but discern right from wrong. That is God-like. He loves the sinner, but hates the sin.

In this frame of reference, one of our primary sins is not having enough of  the right anger. We have become tolerant of everything and reluctant to stand for right. Determine to be angry about the right things. Avoid simply being irritable and hyper-sensitive about personal matters. Deal with moral issues.

How then can I deal with anger?

“Make no friendship with an angry man, and with a furious man do not go, Lest you learn his ways…” (Proverbs 22: 24, 25).

In light of the scientific insight shared, comply with Proverbs 29: 11, “A fool vents all his feelings, But a wise man holds them back.” A modern translation reads: “A fool gives vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.”     

Anger is like a lovely vase which breaks itself upon that which it falls.

Our text gives two significant steps in dealing with anger.

First, …”do not let the sun go down on your wrath.” Phillips: “Don’t go to bed angry.”

Next, “nor give place to the devil.”  That is, don’t give the devil a beach head in your life. Don’t give him opportunity to take advantage of your anger for his purposes. Don’t let the devil develop your anger into a grudge or an unforgiving spirit. Don’t compromise with the devil.

He will lead you to rationalize that the person deserves for you to be angry with him or her.

Anger is a wind that blows out the lamp of the mind. Think clearly about it. Anger does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to the one on which it is poured.

Utilize the technique of Christ Who when tempted said, “Get thee behind Me, Satan!” (Matt. 16:23).

We are counseled to “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4: 7). To resist means to carefully array yourself for battle with the enemy. Do this by prayer and Bible application.

Scripture exhorts us to “possess our souls in patience.” Whoever is out of patience is out of possession of his or her reasoning.

In order to avoid giving place to the devil, resolve to work on improving your disposition, that is, your temperament.  Some go to a health club or gym to work out and improve their body. Many go to church and/or Bible study to improve their spirit. Why not put an equal effort into a workout for your disposition? Resolve to make your disposition, your temper, submissive to the will of Christ.