It Is Show and Tell Time

Where has God been while His world is engaged in this pandemic? He is still in business. He never has to say “Oops” regarding His actions.

There is a parallel between God’s deliverance of Moses, and this hour for us. 

As with us, God had blessed and cared for them up to this point. He had promised to give them a land flowing with milk and honey. However, many past blessings were forgotten in light of one present perplexity.

Pharaoh’s army had them hemmed-up in a narrow plain with mountains on one side, an expansive marsh on the other, and the Red Sea before them. They were bivouacked right where God wanted them. This was their moment.

It was an occasion for them to show they loved the Lord, not just the things He gave them. Those were defining moments.

Moses and the people had been crying out to God. Mixed with their prayers for deliverance were cries of despair and derision. This added to their paralysis of fear.

When the Lord hears our complaints against the backdrop of blessings, He must feel like saying, “Stop your sniveling, you wimps, and trust Me. I will see you through. I have given you this occasion to demonstrate to others the vitality of your faith.”

God is in the business of management, but He is also in the business of mystery. We often have to trust Him without insisting we be given an understanding of what He is doing and why.

We all live by faith. It is our daily norm. Every time you fly on a plane or drive in the rain; every time you go on a date or get married, you do it by faith; every time you buy or sell on credit you exercise faith. You have faith. You may have been given this moment in time to show in what or in whom you have faith.

Candidly our position is little different than theirs. This is our moment to demonstrate our faith.

It is SHOW AND TELL time.