Life’s Basic Requirements

I Corinthians 4: 1 – 2

Jesus has assigned you a management position. Isn’t that exciting? You have two important roles. If you actually occupied a suite of offices with your title on the door, it would have two words on it. Both are found in our text. They are: SERVANT and STEWARD.

In considering the following, evaluate your life in light of these roles.

Believers are to be the Master’s servants. Servants are under authority. All of us are responsible to someone or some authority. The Greek word translated servants is “huperates.”  In considering your role, let’s first evaluate it as one under authority.  “Huperates” refers to a subordinate officer wanting to and waiting to carry out the orders of his superior. It involves an eagerness to do the master’s will. 

The term translated servant was also used of an orderly who attended a military commander in war. The orderly lived to enable the commander to function and win his objective. When there was a command, there was no equivocation, only obedience. We live best if we live to serve.

Albert Schweitzer, a genius with a servant temperament, said, “The only ones among us who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”  In our mad rush for pleasure many have forgotten this elemental formula as phrased by this brilliant man.

Our text next refers to you as a “steward” and states that “it is required in stewards that they be found faithful.”

The text uses a second term to describe a believer. It is the Greek word “oikonomos” which means “stewards.” It meant a manager or trustee. Throughout the New Testament it is used to define the task of a disciple. As a follower of Christ you are responsible for managing your life. Upon reaching adulthood you have a management position waiting for you. You manage your life. The Lord governs it.

I have a picture of me made with former President Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office. On his desk can be seen the sign originally displayed there by Harry Truman which states: “The Buck Stops Here.” 

That sign belongs on the desk of your mind. It gives you something for which to live.  It gives a sense of responsibility.

A good steward always plans ahead for the inevitable. The ultimate inevitable is death and life beyond the grave.

For the believer that demands laying up treasures in heaven by faithful service to your loving Master. Resolve to be a faithful servant right now.

For the person not yet of faith, trust of Jesus as savior insures where you will spend eternity. Not doing so also insures where you will spend eternity.