Living on Level Three – Part Two

Dr. Kohlberg of Harvard described life on three levels. Level three begins anytime after the late teens.  At this level one isn’t trying just to please self or others, but what matters is what is right.  Internal convictions become important.  Morality is based on principles, not force, as in level one or acceptance as in level two. Honesty is now based on values, not what a parent has said or others think.

Conduct will not be based on who I am with, but on who I am and what I believe. Let’s look at life on level three.


If you live on level three, you will do whatever you do based on principles.  You won’t change your mind simply because something makes you feel better or others approve.


This reveals our realized oneness with Jesus.  A team that wears a school’s uniform represents all for which the school stands.  As a Christian you represent all for which Christ stands.  His “name” stands for His character and being.

“In the name” means “in vital relationship with him,” that is:
a. in harmony with His revealed will.
b. in subjection to His authority.
c. dependence on His power.


Are you able to give God thanks for being able to say or do what is contemplated?

Do you live up to the principles you profess?  When you became aware of your need for salvation, and you received Christ as Savior, a principle was established.  You invited Christ into your life.

Let’s parallel this with an imaginary situation in which you invite a special guest into your home.  Upon his arrival you say, “I want you to make yourself at home.  My house is your house.  Make yourself comfortable.”

The next day you come home and your guest has out all of your financial records and is going through them. You are outraged, “What are you doing?” you ask.  “I am looking over your financial records,” is the reply. Incensed you say, “those are my private records. You shouldn’t be looking at them.”  Then your guest reminds you of your statement, “Make yourself at home. My house is your house.”

Did you really mean it?  Did you really mean it when you said to Jesus that you wanted your life to be His?  Are there areas of your life not being lived according to His principles? This is a good time to review the characteristics of life on level three and resolve to live by them.