Mercy, Love and Peace

Jude 1:2

Man, mere mortal man, through his spectrograph has learned the constituent elements of the remote astral bodies.

By means of the telescope, man has looked into the infinitely large universe, learned the schedule of the planets, and viewed the landscape of heavenly bodies millions of miles distant.

By means of the microscope, man has looked into the infinitely smaller world and seen in the atoms in a particle of dust on a moth’s wing, electrons, protons, and neutrons whirling like bees around a hive.

God gives you even closer attention.  He does it continually. We are continually “kept.”

The great God of the universe Who puts seven colors in every ray of light, and causes it to travel at 186,000 miles per second, has no trouble keeping you.

God, who gives this close attention, provides:

MERCY, which means deep concern.

It reveals a real need on behalf of the one receiving it and real resources on behalf of the one giving it.

Mercy describes God’s attitude toward those in distress.

God is rich in mercy. (Ephesians 2:40)

When we experience and understand mercy, we are never over-awed or overpowered by the power of the enemy or the challenge confronting us..

All of us have injuries and experience limitations.  There is a delightful illustration in the Old Testament of mercy.  Mephibosheth was crippled as a result of an injury.  He was only five years old when Jonathan, his father, and Saul, his grandfather, were both killed in a battle on Mount Gilboa. They were enemies of David.

David took Mephibosheth into his palace, gave him an inheritance, and  a place at his table.  That’s mercy.  That’s how God treats us.

PEACE is contentment of mind, a state of tranquility in turbulent times.

We have peace when there is no condemnation before God.

We have peace of conscience when there is no controversy with God.

We have peace of mind when there is no consternation about life.

LOVE.  We now have the love of God, and love for God so let us show love to one another.

The greeting expressed in our text expresses a desire for these traits to be multiplied among believers.

This prayer for multiplied blessings of mercy, peace and love is equally needed today. Like Jude we, too, should plead God’s mercy on all His children, knowing that we also live in times when false teachers and doctrines of demons abound even in the churches of our day. Let us unite to plead God’s mercy and peace and love on all who are in Christ Jesus. May “Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.”