Our Strong Fortress

“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who trust in Him.”  Nahum 1:7

At the time the text was written Nineveh had slid back into a sinful stage. They had once more become a threat to God’s people therein. Nahum wrote of the forthcoming wrath against the proud people of the Assyrian empire. Parenthetically, this is evidence God does judge nations. 

Nahum also wrote of God’s love for and protection of His people. Nahum wrote to console God’s people by Him sparing them this wrath. Under those conditions he penned Nahum 1:7 likening Himself to a fortress for them.

I saw a more recent graphic of this. Traveling in the Jordan desert we stopped at a tiny fortress not more than 100 by 100 feet. Its formidable walls were approximately two feet thick.

When Sir Lawrence of Arabia was battling the Muslims in the region he was often outmanned and outgunned. Under those conditions he retreated into the fort. When he did, the strength of the fortress became the strength of Sir Lawrence. Therein he was safe. In Christ, His strength becomes our strength.

Now to apply this text personally. First, note the Lord is good. It is His nature, He can’t be any other way. It is just Him. That does not mean He exempts His people from all problems and never disciplines them when they are disobedient. This does not mean He is not jealous of His justice. 

Nahum opened his prophecy by announcing that the Lord is a jealous God, Who takes vengeance on His enemies and is fierce in His anger. The Lord is slow to anger, but He is great in power and will never leave the guilty unpunished.

Then in dramatic contrast comes, “The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him.”

Believers must never forget their Stronghold and take refuge in Him in times of trouble. This is possible because Christ took our sin on the cross and spared us God’s wrath.

Believers need to store away images of this truth and apply them in the experiences of daily life. Know that when you take refuge in Him His strength becomes your strength. Memorize Nahum 1:7 and apply it.