Personal Responsibility

There is a reason your club or church never seems to have enough dedicated people to get the essential jobs done. Enter the Body brothers.

There were four brothers: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody. The brothers had little in common. Once there was a job that needed to be done in the organization to which all four belonged.

Everybody thought Somebody would. Anybody could. Amid the confusion Nobody did it.

Another job needed to be done. Somebody was asked to help. Somebody got upset because Anybody could do. After all it was Everybody’s job. In the end Nobody did it. Nobody did a really good job.

Thereafter when there was a task to be done Nobody could be counted on. Nobody gave generously. Nobody did anything.

Finally the day came when Somebody got upset and left. Who do you think followed. Everybody and Anybody. Guess who was left. Nobody.

Will Roger, the sage of a past era said, “The history of America can be written in three phases: the passing of the Indian, the passing of the Buffalo, and the passing of the buck!” 

The skill was started in the Garden of Eden. God had just created the universe without getting His hands dirty. He just spoke it all into existence. Adam and Eve had an ideal environment with only one restriction. For the couple to have free will God gave them the opportunity and ability to make choices. The tree in the midst of the garden was off limits. There was a restriction against eating of it. They did what we would have done if in their place. They ate. It may have initially tasted good, but it had a bitter after taste. When asked by God for a report Adam engaged in a bigger coverup than his nakedness called for, he passed the buck to Eve, who passed the buck to the serpent. Thus, the victim society emerged.

There was a sly tactic used by Adam, he not only blamed Eve indirectly he blamed God: “The woman YOU gave me…” It is all your fault God, if you had not given her to me all of this would not have happened. It started in Eden at the dawn of human history, and is continuing today as we spiral to dust.

We have become a victim society where nobody is responsible. “It is not my fault I would not have stolen if you hadn’t given me this job.” “I would not have taken that apple if she had not brought it to school.” 

The antidote is personal responsibility. When there is a job to be done ask yourself, “If not me, who? If not now, when? If not here, where?”

Some people refuse to take responsibility for their sins. Everybody should, for Nobody will experience God’s grace without it. Anybody can. Somebody took the responsibility and is enjoying God’s loving forgiveness.