Quotes Worth Remembering

The wisdom of others condensed in succinct thought is worth incorporating in our memory bank. There are many compact concepts worth putting on the marque of our mind. Some I like I don’t know the source but respect their laconic insights. Here are a few.

“Your lack of proper prior planning does not constitute my emergency.”

That is a good one to share with friends who fail to prepare and then pressure you to produce at the last moment.

“Never say of a thing I have lost it only that I have given it back.” The Greek Epicitus is credited with that.

There is a Christian version of that regarding the death of a friend, “A thing isn’t lost if you know where it is.”

“Activity generates inspiration but inspiration doesn’t always generate activity.”

A lot of people are inspired but never act. That bring to mind this one.

“Commitment is the capacity to carry out the intent of a decision long after the emotion that inspired it has faded.”

“Fulfillment often comes not from doing a thing but from having done it.”

That is a way of saying the challenge in accomplishing a thing may it itself be demanding and depleting but having done it there if fulfilment for a lifetime. That is incentive for keeping on keeping on.

“Even across the divide of death friendship remains an echo forever in the heart.” That is by Mississippi author Willie Moris.

Not a quote but a word I like is eudemonia meaning happiness. Eudemonics is the science of happiness. It is related to Aristotelian philosophy regarding happiness based on an active life governed by reason.

As a result of that thought consider this. “Happiness is a beautiful byproduct resulting from a job well done.”

Folks strive for happiness in extreme ways and in all the wrong places. In those elementary words is the formula for experiencing it.

Not one of my favorite thinkers, Friedrich Nietzsche, made this which is one of my favorite quotes. “The essential thing “in heaven and earth’ is…that there should be long obedience in the same direction; there thereby results, and has always resulted in the long run, something which has made life worth living.”

In summary keep on keeping on, stay the course.

Here is a pressure relief valve.

“God doesn’t expect us to be THE best at anything but He does expect us to be OUR best at everything we do.”

Zig Ziglar, a dear friend, is one of America’s most outstanding motivational speakers. He once told me he never quotes Scripture but he never shares a motivational concept that isn’t scriptural. None of these quotes are Scripture but they are all scriptural.

Now here is one that is Scripture verse that doesn’t sound like scripture. Solomon wisely wrote: “Confidence in an unfaithful man is time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint” (Proverbs 25:19).