Sin: Its Cause And Effect

Disconnect! That is a major problem in America today.

Aboriginal child birth is an example. In the primitive regions of Australia in which remote Aborigines live they don’t understand the connection between conception and child birth. The lapse of nine months between the events causes a disconnect. They think child birth results from the woman sleeping facing a certain mountain the night before. Now that there is a clear example of a disconnect you can fill in the blanks.

The lapse of time between a childhood in which parents fail to instill civic, social, moral, and spiritual values and the time when that same person as an adult becomes a blight in society causes a disconnect. We fail to associate cause and effect.

Sexual promiscuity among young adults is resulting in a rise in sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, child birth out of wedlock, and depression. Disconnect! We fail to associate that with the fact 88% of all sex depicted on TV is outside marriage. We fail to connect this with ten million minors having a venereal disease and one million girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen getting pregnant each year.

Independent sources report one-fourth of all children or teens are suffering from some serious emotional problems, most frequently depression.

Skinny models, emaciated actresses, and cadaverous musicians are depicted as prototype body shapes. In the male world it is the macho athlete, virile model, and all round hulk who is considered the fantasy form to replicate. There is a disconnect between the lionizing of these prototypes and the fact nearly 8% of girls between puberty and age 18 suffer from anorexia or bulimia while over 10% of high school boys take steroids.

Dummies who commit crimes seem never to connect the crime with the possibility of getting caught. It is as though they only consider the benefit of getting away with it and never even think what will happen if caught. Disconnect!

There is a disconnect for many between smoking and lung cancer, between social drinking and alcoholism, between ingesting carcinogens and various illnesses, between reckless driving and auto fatalities, between greed and theft, between hate and murder.

Even if the two are understood to connect there is a second significant factor called deferred payment. Our system of economics involves purchasing on credit. Buy now and pay later makes payment seem less important. The principle of delayed consequence hints that for some reason you might never have to pay for your conduct.

To avoid undesirable results don’t do anything contingent on “getting away with it.” Act responsibly. Plant the seed of what you want to harvest. There is an old adage: “If you sow to the wind you reap the whirlwind.”

Conversely, if you plant wisely you harvest joyously. Conduct yourself today in such a way as to give your tomorrow self pleasant memories.