Something in Which to Believe

Having given attention to something in which to believe now consider someone to obey. 

Are you willing to submit to Jesus as Lord; Boss of your life?

In newspapers of the old west the following ad appeared: “Wanted: courageous young men who are willing to risk all. Preferably orphans. The work is hard, the hours long, and the risk is great, but the rewards are great.” That ad by the Pony Express resulted in large numbers of volunteers. 

At all costs are you willing to take your orders from Jesus and obey His command? There is a challenge in following Him, but the rewards are worth it.

Out of the Civil War comes a story of courageous obedience like that deserved by our Lord.

General Hood relieved General Johnston of his command. He sent his adjutant for General Cheatham. He returned with the report that General Cheatham had been killed in action.

The adjutant was dispatched to bring General Evans. He returned with the report he was missing in action.

General Hood then dispatched the adjutant to seek out General Cleburne and deliver this message: “Give him my love and tell him I require at his hand the Fort at the Locus Grove.”

When the adjutant found General Cleburne, he was mounted on his horse. Upon receiving the message, he stirred himself and sat up to his full height. Raising his saber he shouted, “First Missouri Brigade, to the Fort at the Locust Grove — charge.”

After the furious battle ended, General Cleburne said to the adjutant, “Give my love to General Hood and tell him I present to him the Fort at the Locus Grove.”

Every person has a sphere of influence. Such is our Fort. Though we live and work in a world environment alien to Christ, we are to be there as His ambassadors. We are to be set apart for His use. We can’t earn the ears of those of the world by copying their life-style. We must earn their respect by letting Jesus live His life through us.

Will you be able to speak of your sphere of influence and say, “With all my love I present to you the charge you gave me, your obedient servant?”

So live that when time comes for your final report you can hear your Commander say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”