Talk the Talk

Too many Christians are like the Arctic River, frozen at the mouth. It is time to “let the redeemed of the Lord say so.”

There are many voices calling for our attention, so many that a lot of people of faith have become mute. If you dare to speak up in support of a faith based opinion expect for there to be efforts to make you shut up. Expect it, that is OK.

Always use grace and tact. A zealous barber could hardly wait to share his new faith. It was in an era when people often went to a barber to get a shave. His first customer wanted a shave. As he stood by the chair sharpening his straight razor on the leather strap, he could think of no better way to begin than by asking. “Are you ready to die?” Not tactful. 

Remember, “If you don’t use tact, you may lose contact.”

Know your subject and supportive evidence. Resolve to always be gracious. Make sure that even if your words don’t carry the day, your manner can. Perhaps such will leave the door open for further contact.

Advocates of secular aberrant concepts are not always as well prepared to support their points as might be thought. They are, however, almost always aggressively vocal. That intimidates some. Resultantly many prefer to remain mute.

Dare we sit on our apathy while the world around us perishes?  Dare we extend ourselves in a loving effort to feed the spiritually hungry? Inaction is often as bad as active wrong-doing.

Don’t be concerned if you are not successful in making your point. You are not responsible for success, just faithfulness.

There is a simple formula for trying to establish rapport. 

It is: Feel — Felt — Found.

“I know how you feel.” Gives the person a sense of understanding.

“I felt that way until I found….” This reveals you got a better understanding.

“I found….” At this point present your position.

Always let the other persons express themselves fully without interruption before speaking. Don’t let an awkward moment throw you off. Always be shockproof regardless of what is said. Though it may be shocking you must remain shock proof.

Conversing is like playing tennis. When the ball is hit to you, return it. When an idea is served-up to you, respond to it. Always, always return the serve.

Study Scripture. Then you can “be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you ….” (I Peter 3: 15)

It isn’t necessary to always quote a Scripture, but always speak scriptural principles. 

Be brave, worry less. Even if it’s uncomfortable, be brave and just share a defense of your position.