Temptation or Test

There is a difference in temptation and a trial.

Temptation comes from the devil. Trial is designed by our Lord. 

Don Moore, chief test pilot for Lockheed, explained what this means to test a plane. He said it is not like in the old movies where you strap on a leather helmet, throw a silk scarf over your shoulder, and take the plane up to see what it takes to crash it. He said you take it to its known capacity and let it prove itself. Then you push the envelop, and let it prove its ability. With each progressive step the object is to let it prove itself.  That is what God is doing when He allows us to have trials. He is giving us an opportunity to prove ourselves. 

A temptation is to destroy.

A trial is to develop.

A temptation is intended to lead to failure.

A trial is designed to reveal faithfulness.

A temptation is an appeal to use a good God given thing in the wrong way. 

Chris Craft, former head of our space program said, “The best time to make a decision is before you have to.”

Anticipate your response to a certain temptation. When it comes, what will you do?

A lovely young high school senior who had numerous awards sat in my study and while weeping said of her pregnancy, “I don’t know why I did it.” 

I replied, “I know why.” With a flash of anger she replies, “Why?”

I said, “Because a long time before you did it you decided you would do it by the social media you viewed, the movies you attended, the books you read, and the music to which you listened.”

She dropped her head and said, “You are right.” 

Picture your response to temptations you are likely to face and decide your response and the result of your response.  Will your response reveal who you really are? 

Ask, am I willing to live with the consequence of my action if caught? Be realistic and consider the worst case scenario if exposed. Don’t fool yourself into believing you won’t be caught. Every action has a consequence.

Win your victories in advance. Make your decision in advance.

If you sow to the wind you will reap the whirl wind. Hosea 8: 7