Thanks Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Mother’s Day is designed to be a happy day around your dwelling. Grievously there are all too few happy mothers today. Resolve to make your mother happy daily.

Technology has enabled there to be 38 ways to produce a human child. They range from the old fashioned way to cloning. There is only one way to make a mother and that is spelled W-O-R-K.

I have had a formula for happiness I have applied all through life. Happiness is a beautiful byproduct of a job well done. Faithful and fulfilled moms are happy.

General Napoleon was conversing with Madam Campagna on what might make theirs a better system of education. Suddenly, he exclaimed, “I have it. Better Mothers will make a better system of education.” Mothers, don’t undervalue your role.

One of our former presidents commented, “All my virtues I learned at my mother’s knee. All my vices I learned at other joints.”

A contributing cause for failure in the role of mom is our children are having children. Many young females are developing a strong uninhibited sex drive at a younger ages. Some are so young they haven’t developed a motherly instinct. One school principal told me some want a baby so they will have someone they can love and by whom to be loved. The problem with these young mothers is they try to love an infant like a doll. That is, when they feel like it and put it down when they are tired of it.

A classic mistake by some mothers is to assume their children will develop character, manners, interpersonal skills, social graces, as well as moral and spiritual values on their own. Read this real slow: “THEY DON’T.” The human being is the only animal left with parents after being weaned. The reason is that values might be transmitted by the older generation that will spare the younger pitfalls and teach values. Parents are to mentor and model for their children. All too many are leaving it to TV characters and music icons to fulfill these roles.

One young mother asked me to help her children realize she was more than a mother. All are but nothing more important than being a mother. Her problem is one shared by too many moms. She wanted to be too many other things than a mom and did not allow enough time to be a sharing mom. Some of the best moms I have known have been some of the busiest people I have known. Some are single moms. They simply have their priorities in order. They discipline themselves and unselfishly give the office appropriate attention.

There is nothing more delightful than to watch a young mother enjoying her children. I watched my wife model this as our children grew up. Now she and I are blessed to see our daughters absorbed in and enthralled by their children.

Mothers, hang in there. There is a wonderful surprise awaiting those who are faithful in their role regardless of how hard it might be. Here is the pay off, one day the door will open and in will walk your best friend, your child. It is all worth it.