The Bible

I believe in the undiminished deity of the Living Word, Jesus Christ.

I believe in the undeniable divinity of the Written Word of God, the Bible.

I believe in the verity of the Son of God.

I believe in the veracity of the Word of God.

I believe in the incomparable and invincible Son of God.

I believe in the infallible and  inerrant Word of God.

Each attests to the authenticity of the other.

Validate one and you venerate the other.

Debase one and you demean the other.

Revere one and you respect the other.

The Living Word and the Written Word each supports the other.

Together they form a bootstrap effect. Each laced with the other takes us higher, and binds us tighter.

For the believer the Bible is the credenda of what we should believe as well as the agenda for how we should behave.