The Economy

Fiscally and otherwise our beloved nation is in a mess. If we ever become resolute enough to try to get out of it there will be a bigger mess.

Financially the only way out is to cut federal spending. In doing so sooner or later entitlements must be cut. That sounds good until it is realized every government program has a constituency. Everyone wants cuts, but not to their area of interest. When all those constituents are combined there is a wall of opposition to cutting. In countries and areas of our country where cuts have been made people have flooded the streets in protest.

Puerto Rico is an example of the fact government can be brought under control. The current administration has made cuts and is bringing government spending under restraint. For example there was one department with 250 employees responsible for processing liquor licenses. The program was changed and now one persons handles all applications mostly by the Internet. That is good. However, t here are 249 unemployed who don’t think it was such a good idea.

As example think of discontinuing our Department of Education. That would mean a savings of millions, perhaps billions of dollars. Millions of citizens would celebrate. The employees put out of work would not be among the celebrants.

Cut enough programs that are not constitutionally authorized and the number of offended constituencies would form a vast army capable of a colossal protest.
Nationally we have a bigger challenge coming than we have known in decades.

A way of minimizing the reaction would be to do it like the little boy who cut off his dog’s tail an inch at the time so it wouldn’t hurt as bad.Programs would have to be cut over a period of time to avoid so many constituent groups merging in massive protests.

If we don’t bring our spending binge under control even greater dangers loom. There simply won’t be enough money to fund the unconstitutional entitlement programs and the beneficiaries would potentially demand “their money.” Again massive protests would result. Therefore, just going on like we are going until our economy implodes won’t work.

The situation is so grave even Congressman Charlie Rangel asked: “What would Jesus do?” (WWJD).

Jesus would doubtless subscribe to the basic stated in Deuteronomy 15:6: “…you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow….” That is a starting point. Jesus spoke generally about individual values and not government policies.

Summarily He taught us to live within our means. That would be a good government policy also.

In a difficult time a friend said, “Please pray about th is.” The reply was, “Is it that serious?” Unashamedly I ask you to please pray about this. It is that serious. Eight out of every ten Americans say they sometimes pray. If you are one of the eight please pray for America.

As with individuals so with governments: