The French Mentality

What’s with the French that they are so anti-America? One of their major problems is their selective memory.

The French head of state, Jenri Phillippe Petan arranged an armistice with Germany in 1940, and began accommodating the Nazis. On June 5, Germany attacked France. They overran the alleged impenetrable Maginot Line of the French and entered Paris on June 14. Germany easily conquered France.

American and allied forces landed on the beach at Normandy, June 6, 1944. Many Americans know of the battle at Normandy but have failed to realize it was in France. The Americans entered Paris August 25, and thus virtually achieved the liberation of the nation from German occupancy.

In less than ten years General Charles De Gaulle, French head of state, ordered all American troops out of France. A Georgian, Dean Rusk, was then our Secretary of State. He went to France and asked De Gaulle, “Does that order pertain only to American troops stationed in France or does it include those buried in French soil?”

The French have forgotten who befriended them and gave their nation new life.

A second reason for French reluctance is their current internal situation. Arab armies moved out of the Arabian Peninsula and engaged in conquests of a large part of Europe in the late 1500’s. In the late 1600’s they were turned back and driven out of Austria. Thus, the Moslem conquest of Eastern Europe ended. It resumed when in the 1980’s Muslim leaders urged their followers to move to Europe, principally France and Germany. The influx has been so dramatic that some French cities, such as Marseille, are now seventy-five percent Muslim. The Muslim milieu is now playing into the French and German conduct. They know that dissident Muslims within their countries inclined toward terrorism could cause them great internal difficulty.

Another root of the French mentality can be traced to the writing of Francois Marie Arouet (1694-1778), known as Voltaire. His social philosophy and atheistic assault on spiritual values dramatically transformed the French culture. If a people have a collective conscience that of modern France was changed by Voltaire.

These factors combined with the economic entanglement between France, Germany, Belgium, and Iraq give answer to what is going on in the UN.

Here is an aside. When the Austrian king turned back the Muslim Turks in defeat it was a momentous event. It ended the Muslim encroachment into Eastern Europe. In celebrant of the event the king’s chef created a special pastry to commemorate the victory. He shaped it like the symbol of Islam, the crescent, and called it the croissant. It was designed to be devoured to symbolize the “devouring” of their foes by the Austrian army.

The French didn’t even give us the croissant. Now to add insult to injury. They didn’t give us French fries either. They came from Belgium.

We can only hope there will be a change of heart among certain European leaders before it is too late for them. Not from our standpoint, but that of their enemy they are as reluctant to admit as was Petan.