The God Who Is With You

“Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

Paradigm is a beautiful word meaning an example or pattern. Our Lord has set before us an example to be used as a pattern.

If you want His peace and provisions you must guard against two “nots” noted in Isaiah 41:10. They lurk in the shadows of the pages of your calendar to rob you of the joy inherent in salvation.

God commands, “Fear not …Be not dismayed…” That is to be our pattern. God always supplies what He commands. In light of this, Augustine wrote this prayer: 

“Give what you command, and command what you will.”

God is not going to command us to do something without enabling it to be done. Keep that in mind as you consider–

“Fear not…”  This speaks of dread.

Fear is the child of doubt. Therefore, it is never a companion of faith. To have a life free of fear we must have a life in which our faith grows. It does so by trusting and obeying God. That is, acting upon His commands and promises even when the world suggests you not, or even threatens to shout you down if you do.

“Be not dismayed…”  This speaks of discouragement.

“Be not dismayed,” actually means don’t quit.

If you look back at your failures you will be tempted to quit.

If you look around at circumstances you will be inclined to quit.

If you look to Christ you will not be dismayed, you won’t quit.

In the text, for each of the two nots there is an “I am.”

“I am with you…”

He is ever present with us to fulfill all that is implied in the name Immanu-El, meaning, “God with us.”

Living, loving hands may be forced to release ours, but our Lord will perpetually be with us. A vacant chair may appear in our friendship circle, but our Lord will never leave us.

We can smile amid life’s storms if we know He is with us.

“I am your God…”

In our day there is an inordinate desire to know the future. Various self-proclaimed prophets, seers, crystal ball and card readers, and horoscopes proliferate that will allegedly tell us the future. All are of no value. 

This unreasonable desire to know the future is a symptom revealing that persons don’t know or trust the God who holds the future. This misguided drive has always been part of man’s base nature.

His power is revealed in His name: “I am your God.” The title used by Isaiah and translated “God” is “Elah” or “Eloah.”  “El” means “the strong one.” “Elah” speaks of His durability. It was also used to speak of binding oneself with an oath; it speaks of faithfulness.

Therefore, the God who has promised to be with you is the Strong Durable One who has bound Himself to you with an oath. Rejoice and relax in His grace.