The Inexorable Law of Sowing and Reaping – Part Two

Jesus used what was vogue in His hour to teach vital spiritual lessons. Birds of the air, lilies of the field, and the response of seed to various types of soil were some used for illustrative purposes.

Weights and measures were used descriptively to illustrate the law of reciprocation. That is, what you do has consequences. That is good if what you sow is good.

Giving includes financial support, but isn’t limited to it alone. The perks of prayer support, friendship, kindness, encouragement, hope, and love are bountifully at your disposal to give. The needs are multiple, they abound and you can address them. “Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” (Galatians 6: 7).

In the time of harvest it is easy to know what was planted earlier in the year. What is harvested reveals what was sown. With that in mind, why would a person sow a crop he did not want to harvest? In agriculture it is logical to sow what you want to reap. Why not do the same in the spiritual realm?

In rearing children it is practical to cultivate in young lives qualities you would like to see in an adult.

In your own life, if you want to grow old gracefully, be graceful in youth.

Consider the equivalent of weed seed being sown in our society.

We have sown the seed of materialism. As a result greed and covetousness has resulted in a 77% increase in juvenile crime in the last decade.

The average household spends approximately seven hours a day watching TV. What seeds are being sown thereon and what is the result?

They are watching heroes who consume more than ten times as much alcohol as coffee. What is the crop produced? One of every three high school seniors get drunk each week. Those seeds will produce a bumper crop of an estimated seven million alcoholics.

In viewing TV 88% of all sex depicted thereon is out of wedlock. The crop is beginning to sprout in that 1 of every 10 girls gets pregnant each year. One million girls between the ages of 12 and 17 will become pregnant out of wedlock this year.

The average 21 year old has been bombarded with 10,000 hours of violent programming.

The average 16 year old has already seen a quarter of a million violent acts, including 30,000 dramatized murders, and thousands of simulated rapes, assaults, and shootings. If you want to see the seeds sprouting, watch the morning news and see the parade of coroners hauling off the night’s kill.

Be a sower of the love of God and the opportunity of reaping eternal life as a result of sowing the seed of salvation. That is the only antidote.