The Source of Life’s Dynamic

Acts 17:28

Jesus adds a new dimension to life. One of the first persons to enjoy this life change was Paul. In Athens he preached at Mars Hill. Lining the roadway up to the Acropolis were statues of gods. He used the statue to an unknown God to make known his God. Paul was an intellect; he quoted two obscure Greek poets – Aratus & Cleanthes. Thus, he related to the people in a way they could understand. He said in Christ we: “…live and move and have our being….”

Many persons are living a life described in Hamlet as “stale, flat and unprofitable.”

A modern philosophic writer, James Dillet Freeman, expressed it: “We live in a time of revolt against reason. Revolt against beauty. Revolt against joy. Life stinks, people say, life stinks!” 

“In Him….” As a person in a submarine is dependent upon it for survival while surrounded by an alien environment, so we are in Christ in this world.

We live, that is, we EXIST, have vitality. Therefore, “Walk in newness of life…” (Romans 6:4), “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind…” (Ephesians 4:23)

We live an estimated average of one half million hours. Use this hour to consider the greatest hygiene the world has ever known. Jesus cleanses and purifies. 

We move, that is we EXERCISE, have dynamic energy.

We have our being, that is, we EXPRESS, the completeness of our personality.

Mahalia Jackson rose from the Mississippi levy to London’s Albert Hall. Her dad worked on river docks during the week and preached on weekends. She grew up singing.  One of her recordings sold over 8 million copies, entitled, “Moving On Up.” These lines are in it: “What do you want to be? Where do you want to go?” There is a condition; “You’ve got to have a made-up mind.”

Have you a made-up mind regarding Jesus. If not, what will you do with Jesus? There are three possible responses: YES, NO, MAYBE.

Because of the “X” factor known as death, that uncertainty of life, to say “maybe” is to put yourself in the NO category. Therefore, resolve to have a made-up mind to trust Him.

Writer Tolstoy asked some Russian peasants to teach him their secrets of happiness. Their joy prompted them to treat everyone like a gem. One answered: “You were created by God. When you stay in creative contact with God, then joy is continuous. But if you get away from God, then you get away from the life force. You can get away from continuous joy. Return to God, my friend, return…to His Son, the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, and you will find good days.” Do so and in Him you can live, and move, and have your being.