What Is the Bible to You?

Early Christians had such loving devotion to Jesus that in the Second Century, Tertullian, an early Christian author, wrote the Roman Emperor:

“We are but of yesterday, and yet already we fill your cities, your islands, your camps, your palaces, your senate, your forum; we have left you only your empty heathen temple.”

When Christ becomes cherishable to us then we will defend the honor of His name, give to further His cause, live consistently by His standard, and sacrifice for His cause. Jesus can  cause our phobias to vanish and our faith flourish.

In the Old Testament era Jews would not even speak the name of Jehovah. It was considered too sacred to even be written. Therefore, when written it appeared in the abbreviated equivalent of JHWH in Hebrew.

In the time of Jesus Greek was almost a universal language.  When scholars translated the Hebrew name, Jehovah, they used the Greek word “Kurios,” meaning Lord.

When Jesus is called “Lord” the term is the same as used for Jehovah, meaning He is God. In Titus 2: 13, 14, He is spoken of as “our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us…”

In Greek when two nouns are connected by the word for “and,” and the first is preceded by an article, and the second isn’t, the second is equal to the first and is a further explanation thereof. Thus, “great God” and “Savior Jesus Christ” are equal.

His cherishableness to them and their closeness to Him let them work from victory not for victory. We must, as they, work not for our victory, but from His victory over life and death.

The Bible is our authority for these and other truths. What is it to you?

You may own a Bible and hold it in your hand. Thus, to you it is a possession.

A deceased friend who lived here in Marietta for years was president of Scripto Pen. He told me that when their ball point pen was first introduced in Africa there was a rush to get them. People would often buy a pen and sell the cap for much more than they paid for the entire pen. The reason was it was a status symbol. Most persons were illiterate and could neither read nor write. However, with just the cap of the pen they could put it on a shirt pocket and make it appear they owned a pen and could write. It gave status, making them appear educated.

Some persons use the Bible in a similar manner. A survey by the Barna Group revealed that most Christians don’t know the four gospels and can’t name five of the Ten Commandments. They don’t really know their Bible, it appears they do.  How do you use your Bible?

To some it is merely a possession. Some memorize parts. To them it is a precept. Others live by it. To them it is a practice. What is it to you.?