What Is Your Attitude Toward Life?

Job 7: 11 – 16

Jesus proposes to be the eternal, internal, invisible, enabling ingredient in the life of the believer. He desires to indwell and inspire His followers so as to give them sustaining and victory gaining strength. Without Him, people can’t live an abundant life. Some who profess Him fail to demonstrate this dynamic. For some, it is simply because they do not realize what their spiritual assets are or they have failed to avail themselves of them. For others it is because they have gone through the motion of religion without engaging in the devotion it requires.

With all of his afflictions Job almost went under three times. He got so dejected he cried out three times: “Let me alone…”

–  My life is empty, “my days are vanity.” (Job 7: 16)

Job almost became a social and spiritual, if not psychotic, manic depressive. His life seemed empty. Many having this feeling today turn to counterfeit concepts and follow false philosophies. Pleasure – snap it up. Time – use it up. Youth – live it up.

Life is to be lived not lost. Live it up – but on the up and up. A life that you have got to live down or long to live over hasn’t been lived, it’s been used.

Christ can do what the Hoosier poet Riley stated: “Bring unto sorrow all release from pain, Let the lips of laughter overflow again.”

Many feel life is empty because they conceive of it as a container to be filled by others with good things. Really it is like a pipe to convey good to others.

Many marriages fail because one feels, “I am not getting out of it what I am supposed to.” Love is giving not getting.

Many say the church isn’t doing for me what it should. “I’ll quit going.”  “What have you done for Christ through His church recently?”

Life may seem empty because you are living below your best. Are you playing a plastic flute while you can play a four-manual organ?

Baking mud pies while you could be making angel food cake?

Are you content to crawl while you could run?

Are you building shacks while you could be erecting palaces?

–  Life is ending, squander it: “Are not my days few…?” (Job 10: 20)

Life is brief and soon to be ended, but that is not reason to waste it. Some sensing this seem to resolve to live in “sensual standard time.” They have a craving for depravity.

“Senica said, “No man has a God so favorable that he can promise himself tomorrow.”  

–  Life is eternal, share it, “I will speak.” Job 13: 13)

What did Job speak? He shared three conclusions:
“I know my redeemer lives…” (19:25)
“I know He knows me…”  (23:10)
“Yea, though He slay me yet will I trust Him…” (13:15)

Thereon we, as he, can base our life and find fulfilling joy.