Where To Find Help In Time Of Need

PSALM 121: 1 -2

David was in a stressful situation desperate for help. Indications are this Psalm was written when he was confronted by a superior army badly needing reinforcements.

He knew from what direction his help would come. It would come from the people living beyond the mountain range.

The fact he was lifting up his eyes to the hills indicated he was confident it was coming. He was just waiting expectantly for it.

There is here a fuller expression of confidence. Though his help would consist of an army coming from beyond the hills he was fully aware that it was the Lord who was sending them. Therefore, he said, “My help comes from the Lord.”

We like he need help in three primary areas:
PROTECTION, VERSES 5, 6. He is our protector who “keeps” us as noted in verses 3,4, 5, 7,8.
GUIDANCE, VERSE 3. He will not allow His followers foot to slip.
BLESSING, VERSES 5, 6. The language speaks of blessing. In the hot arid desert shade is a blessing. It speaks summarily of all the blessing to follow.

David had need of the blessings of protection and guidance. Our Lord was in the process of giving both. However, from David’s perspective there was no evidence of it. He waited expectantly for it in faith.

In our times of need we can confidently anticipate the timely provisions of our Lord. They may not come as soon as we desire but they never come too late.

Our God is on time, in time, every time.