Who Am I? Part One

John 3: 16 – 18

Do you ever suffer from an identity crisis?  How would you respond if someone asked you who you are? Other than your name what would you say?

College students might say “I am a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.” Or perhaps, “I am a Bulldog,” or “Yellow Jacket,” or “I’m Big Orange,” or “an Owl.”

Perhaps professionals would answer, “I am a computer analyst,” or “I am a business executive,” or “I’m a secretary.”

It may be you would answer with pride, “I am an American”.

John, an apostle of Jesus, identified himself as “one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved” (John 13: 23). Hopefully you can say the same. Jesus is heaven’s proof that you are somebody special.

What a beautiful way to think of yourself.  Who are you? I am a person Jesus loves. That should give you a sense of self-worth, dignity, and pride. That makes you somebody — somebody special.

We live in a day when love is so rare. In interpersonal relationships lust has been exchanged for true love. In the parent-child relationship brutality is often expressed instead of love.

This was dramatically indicated in a recent TV documentary in which a 13 year old street-child was asked what kind of a house he would like. He described a mansion. He was then asked what kind of parents he would like in that house. He said he would want parents with adhesive tape over their mouths so they couldn’t yell at him and their hands handcuffed behind their backs so they couldn’t hit him.”

A lovely teenage street-girl who had run away from home was asked what the youths on the street were looking for answered, somebody to love them.

Aren’t we all? Well here is good news. Jesus loves you.

If you are suffering any kind of identity crisis or are questioning if you are loved, listen very carefully to what I am about to say. You can say, “My body may be broken, my health gone, my frame misshapen, my position in life insignificant, my education limited, my financial resources little, BUT I am an awesome spirit being.”

You may have the good fortune of saying “I am wealthy, healthy, energetic, successful, attractive, and popular, BUT the thing of real importance is I am an awesome spirit being.”

Elevate your concept of who you are. If you have trusted Christ as your Savior, no longer think of yourself as simply a human being. You are an awesome spirit being.”

You have been born again. Born of the Spirit.

You as a Christian have every right to say: “I am an awesome spirit being.” Say it to yourself now. You are because Jesus loves you.