Who Am I? Part Two

John 3: 16 – 18

Christian psychologist, Lawrence J. Crabb, Jr., describes our spiritual need in this manner: “The basic personal need of each person is to regard himself as a worthwhile human being.”  You are that and more. You are a worthwhile spirit being.

We all need to understand our need to believe we are significant. Don’t base your sense of true self-worth on your achievements or what others think of you BUT on what the Word of God says about you.  It says you are so important that God loves you.  If we base our self-worth on our limited abilities or the fickle approval of others our lives will reflect it in the form of insecurity, anxiety, depression, and fear.

If we base our self-worth on what the Word of God says about us, it will reflect itself in the form of contentment, fulfillment, dignity, and security.

Your entire behavior can be changed by changing your belief about who you are. Answer it in your mind, “Who are you?” “I am one who Jesus loves. I am an awesome spirit being.”

Some of you have been conditioned by a parent or parents to think of yourself as a no-body, a failure.

Some of you have been imprinted by a happening to think of yourself as dirty and unworthy.

I’ve got good news for you — you are not only somebody … You are somebody special.

John freely knew He was loved by Jesus and used that fact to identify himself. Notice in John 13: 23 he referred to himself as “one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.” Make certain you know and can say, “I am one Jesus loves.”

Observe that Jesus loved all the disciples. In light of that John considered it to be the loftiest way to refer to himself. His greatest claim to fame was that Jesus loved him.

Love never advertises itself. It always promotes the love of the one who loves.  In this light John was happily advertising the love which Jesus offered him. Jesus does the same for us. He loves you. Do you think of yourself as one whom Jesus loves?

Unless you learn to base your opinion of who you are on the Word of God and not man’s approval you will live and die on an emotional roller coaster.  Based on the Word of God you live on an ever-ascending elevating truth.