Worry Is Worthless – Part Two

A lack of understanding can cause confusion. Simply stated, Jesus said, “Don’t ever worry.”

Worry is an attitude of mind that affects the body physically. Emotional instability causes physical deterioration. Jesus understood the destructive power of worry, and he knew that this negative mental attitude was detrimental to health.

Worry will fatigue every neuron in your psyche.

When you worry your adrenal gland is functioning so rapidly that your bloodstream cannot throw off the excess adrenaline.

Some medical authorities say that worry places more stress on the heart than any other stimulus, including physical exercise and/or fatigue. Some estimate that worry causes two-thirds of today’s physical illness. It contributes to high blood pressure, heart trouble, kidney disease, goiter, arthritis, headaches, and strokes. It can cause excessive perspiration, muscle tension, hyperventilation, abdominal pain, “butterflies,” nausea, and a quivering voice.

Dr. Alexis Carroll makes the point clear: “Businessmen who don’t know how to fight worry die young.” People who don’t know how to win over worry lose the battle for life.

It results in phobias, neuroses, psychoses, psychophysiologic disorders.

Worry in the extreme causes abulia — the loss of will power. Abulia is a word for a nervous breakdown.

One friend said to another, “No wonder you are always tired. You do everything three times. You worry about it before you do it. Then you do it. Then you worry about having done it.”

Worry makes God seem unreal, others unimportant, and you sick.

Worry reveals a person who is trying to do things his or her own way.

Andrew Carnegie asked Henry Ford, “Do you ever worry?”

Ford replied: “No, I believe God is managing the affairs and that He doesn’t need any advice from me. With God in charge, I believe that everything will work for the best in the end. So what is there to worry about?”

Worry is a medallion worn by those who have not yet concluded, “Jesus Christ will take care of me.”

Worry is irreverent, for it fails to recognize God who gave us life as the sustainer of life.

It is irrelevant in that it does not change anything.

It is irresponsible because it uses up time and burns up energy.

Stop doing everything three times. Have faith and do it better once. Try it.