You Are a Sum Total of Your Decisions

Joshua 24: 13 – 17

Andrew Jackson’s dad died before his birth.  He was orphaned in Waxham, N.C. at age 13. He didn’t follow his mother’s desire for him to be a minister, but became inclined toward the glory of the battlefield and later politics.  Facing the sunset of his life at 60 plus years of age he gave his life to Jesus.  The memory of his mother was the influence that called him to Jesus.  He also recalled that his mother had a gingham covered Bible.  He purchased a Bible and had it covered like hers.

That dramatic change is by the grace of God made possible by a transition made possible by a single act, the same act involved in the national life of ancient Israel. 

Joshua had gathered the tribes of Israel at Shechem where he was to preside over the nation’s congress for the last time. Shechem, located in a scenic mountain pass between Mt. Eble and Mt. Geruzim seemed impenetrable and invulnerable as a result of this natural location.  Joshua knew their safety was not determined by geographical location but by God’s grace.  Joshua called upon the people to repent.

Joshua said, “Choose you this day whom you will serve….” On that single word “choose” hung their destiny.

In the world of theology it stands out like a sentinel light to guide doctrine. The word “choose” found here and elsewhere in Scripture refutes Calvinism, predestination. God in His sovereign will has given human beings a free will.

The marvel is not that we must choose, but that we may choose.  The option is ours. Decision making is among the most important thing we do.  It influences all of life and determines our destiny.

You are a sum total of your life’s choices. You can change your life by changing your choices. 

Once a choice is made, a resolute determination is needed.  Commitment is the capacity to carry out the intent of a decision long after the emotion that motivated it has faded.

Joshua said, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” He set an example.

Andrew Jackson became a changed man based on one thing, his choice. He thereafter set a different example.      

Our trust must be in the Lord, not self, substance, or any other substitute.  If you haven’t been trusting Him, change your mind and lovingly thrust yourself completely on Him. It is a choice. Making the choice to trust Jesus as Savior and Lord not only changes life, but one’s eternal destiny. It is your choice.