You Are Amazing

Just how amazing you are is hinted at by King David, the ancient sovereign of Israel, who summarily spoke of the most marvelous object in all of creation in these words: “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made….” That is you. Consider the following complicated insight in order to marvel over yourself.

My body has been under so many rays and scopes lately I have had some of the details explained to me by doctors as never before. When we think of the spurious theory of  evolution we tend to think of the human body as one unit evolving creature emerging from a slimy  primordial swamp. Now consider all the components that make up the body individually evolving.  The math of the simultaneous evolution of all the parts multiplies the odds against it happening incomprehensible. Consider just this one system of the body. Medical students spend years studying this single process.

Strewn orderly throughout the body are numerous micro sensors that constantly send six signals to the cerebellum part of the brain. In nautical terms the signals are the yaw, heave, sway, pitch, surge, and roll. 

In what is known as the human vestibular system can be simultaneously detected these six independent variables, which are subsequently interpreted by the central and peripheral neural system to keep you balanced and maintain visual stability. Got that! God designed all that just to keep you balanced.

For example, if you get off balance to the right the micro sensors send a message to the cerebellum which sends back a signal telling your body to adjust to the left for balance.

Closely stand between, but not touching objects that will support you if you fall. Lift your chin, close your eyes and stand still for one minute. Note how you tend to sway slightly as you waver in one direction only to have your body adjust your balance. This is your micro sensors at work.

The miracle of walking is involved with the micro sensors. In walking a message goes up to the brain from the right leg noting its position as forward. At the same time the message is sent to that leg to release and retreat while at the same time a message goes to the left leg to go forward. Think of the wonder of those thousands of messages firing off each millisecond. All that happens in sequence enabling you to walk.     

Such recognition of body posture and motion is an important physiological function that can keep the body balanced. Aren’t you something!

After being confined to the bed in the hospital for five weeks many of my receptors had to be retrained. This has taken weeks of balancing exercises.

Recently I was free standing with my eyes closed while praying and instinctively I sensed I was rocking back and forth on the balls of my feet to maintain my balance. My micro sensors had relearned that lesson and were at work. There are some others in parts that are still in school.

King David explains how this intricate system came to be: “I will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are your works; and this my soul knows very well.” Pause now and praise Him. Go on, do it.