You’ll Get a Kick Out of This

“A merry heart does good, like medicine ….”  Proverbs 17: 22

All the problems in the world compounded by our personal ones creates a time needing a merry heart. Can I get a witness?

According to the Mayo Clinic laughter is a powerful form of stress relief which works in a number of different ways, including increasing endorphins released by the brain; decreasing your stress response; and alleviating tension.

Without knowing all of the capacities and work of the pituitary and hypothalamus and everything else, Solomon, under the power of the Holy Spirit, made an observation that a merry heart is good like a medicine. It is needed because our bodies are under a biochemical onslaught. It is not coming from a toxic waste dump. Or is it? If so, it is coming from an internal one known as the mind. This biochemical rush suppresses the immune system to various infections and diseases.

A merry heart plays a key role in good health and longevity. It can positively affect diseases and conditions as diverse as high blood pressure, flu, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. It raises the spirits, invigorates the body, and fits it for service and business. It can even help you live longer!

A heart full of spiritual joy, a peaceful conscience, a rejoicing in Christ Jesus and His righteousness, and in hope of the glory of God,  affect even the outward person.

Plan how you can cultivate a heart that is more merry. What will you read, view, listen to, and the people you will associate with? Import humor, and enjoy it. Prayerfully work at it.

Health is no laughing matter, but it does matter if you laugh. Laughter is nature’s health.

Emulate God. He laughed: “He who sits in heaven laughs.” ( If you doubt that just look in the mirror).

The book of averages states the average American laughs 15 times a day. How are you doing? Why not upgrade your average?

All this sounds complex. It isn’t. Dr. Seuss had it right, from there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.” Look for them. 

Feed your mind on Scripture passages that lift your spirit. Make it a point to systematically memorize some of these and repeat them often to yourself. Nothing can make a person more cheerful than knowing they live with God’s grace, love, and compassion.

Here is the big bonus of a merry heart: “The gladness of the heart is the life of man, and the joyfulness of a man prolongs his days.”  (Ecclesiastes 30: 22)