Youth: Beliefs vs. Core Values

Right is right though all men be against it and wrong is wrong though all be for it. William Penn congealed truth in that statement.

There are moral absolutes. Situational ethics based on relativism doesn’t work.

The new morality society of which our youth are a part doesn’t operate on that basis. With them that which determines right or wrong is “Does it work?” If it does to them it is right. If it doesn’t it is wrong.

What the older generation must do to reach and minister to the younger generation is to learn how to show that what is right works and what is wrong doesn’t work.

There is a reason right is right and wrong is wrong. Right works in the long run and wrong doesn’t. It is that simple. It is not simple to communicate the logic in each decision, however.

Impropriety, immorality, and unethical behavior have adverse consequences. They provide kicks with a kickback. Living it up can have results hard to live down. The act and the ultimate result must be connected logically for youth to understand.

This is further complicated in that if it feels good it is assumed to be working.

Adults often try to correct improper conduct by dealing with the symptom rather than the cause. The cause is improper core values and/or a wrong belief system. It takes time and intellectual honesty to correct either.

Acts come from core values. Core values are based on beliefs. They form a pyramid. Beliefs are the base, core values rest on them, and conduct consequences.

Many youth are taught the basic beliefs of our faith, but fail to develop a system of core values based on them. As a result they are well informed on what to believe but without core values in keeping with those beliefs engage in conduct in conflict with those beliefs.

The diet of MTV, carnal movies, and corruptive music is often the basis for the core values of many youth. Their conduct reveals it. Glitz and glamor make it appear the core values advocated are working. Hence, they are right.

The drug deaths, disease, suicide rates breakups and breakdowns in the entertainment community reveals it is a system of values that isn’t working. The reason is such conduct is wrong.

Sooner or later every person has to sit down to a banquet of consequences.

Somewhere between beliefs and conduct there is a misconnect. Many who have been reared and mentored with sound moral and spiritual beliefs engage in contrary conduct.

Brittany Spears, reared in my little home community was brought up going to and singing in church. She attended a very good private Christian school. The moral standards of the community were wholesome. Like millions of others she developed core values contrary to the belief system in which she grew up.

To help a young person live a circumspect life they must not only be taught right from wrong but taught to avoid negative brainwashing offered by certain segments of the media.

Here are some tip on talking with teams.

Speak in the present tense. “Today” is their frame of reference. It is difficult to help them understand how today will influence tomorrow. It will because sooner or later every person must sit down to a banquet of consequences. Don’t fail to note that but keep in mind they are concerned principally with “right now.”

Speak in the plural. They are group oriented. Talk about friends and their influence. Let them know you trust them but being in certain groups can overwhelm a person to engage in group activity which is often contrary to their personal values.

Speak in the active voice. They have energy and will expend it. Channel it. Help them avoid boredom by providing enjoyable activity.