A Worthy Example

A call to follow Jesus need not evoke fear of the loss of possessions. Even they are a gift of God and have a proper use. The thrill and blessing of being an obedient follower of Jesus is more gratifying and fulfilling than any amount of things. Surely, there are challenges and complexities along the way, but there are even great and more gratifying rewards in being His example of a changed life.

Sir Francis Drake and his daring crew were the first to sail through waters that now bear his name, the Drake Pass. In later years Drake’s sailors would sit on the rocks off the coast of England and tell stories of their sea adventures to young boys. The sailors didn’t talk of the pleasures of the sea, but of the perils and dangers. They talked about raging winds, stout waves and the gallant ships riding out the storms. Many of the boys were so challenged and inspired by their accounts they even ran away from home to be seamen.

Jesus’ call to discipleship isn’t simply a summons to a life of comfort and ease, but to a lifestyle of risk and challenge.

A call to discipleship is a call to adventure that is rewarding, gratifying, fulfilling, and productive. To follow Jesus as a disciple is to ride the high seas in high adventure. Jesus never hides the scars. They challenge others.

Be willing to take up your new identity as a follower of Christ. Others need your example.

Mahatma Gandhi had a strong interest in Jesus. A friend asked him, “If you are so intrigued with Jesus Christ, why don’t you become a Christian?”

He replied, “When I meet a Christian who is a true follower of Christ, I might consider it.”

If Gandhi had met you would he have become a follower of Christ?  Take up your identity as a follower of Christ.

A youth from China came to America desiring an education and in search of greater exposure to Christianity. He had been motivated by missionaries in his home country. After observing Christian students his curiosity turned to disillusionment, and his heart and mind turned from Christianity to Marxism. He became  known as Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Communist ruler of China.

He was looking for persons who had taken up their identity as followers of Jesus. If he had encountered you would he have become a follower of Christ to lead China into Christianity instead of Communism? Persons are attracted to Jesus by His followers to whom He is the central focus in their lives.

For the early disciples who heard the primal call of Jesus to “follow me,” the issue was clear: He would be the central focus of their lives?

When for us as for them, Jesus becomes the central focus of life, He alone becomes the defining influence in life.

“What is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Matthew 16: 26)