Pray for the Ukrainian People

Vladimir Putin is a man of his word, but one few people seem to believe it. When elected this last time he said he wanted to reunite the former Soviet Union. February 24, 2022, at 6:20 AM  Putin continued his crusade. He is keeping his word. Our government knew a year in advance he planned to invade Ukraine.

On a different front China is drooling over Taiwan. We still have time to do there what we could have done in Ukraine. That is to arm Taiwan so thoroughly that China would say we can take it, but the cost is too great.

If Putin is a man of his word Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are on his drawing board. Even Hungary and potentially Poland are next.

Meanwhile back home President Biden continues his efforts to further appease the “Green” proponents especially the “Squad.” Never mind the escalating prices in America are full speed ahead. To achieve their objective, reducing drilling for oil and continuing the Canadian pipeline is essential. We can buy oil from Russia. Our oil is so very much cleaner than theirs. Theirs will pollute our country more than our own oil.

The debacle in Afghanistan was a go ahead for Putin. Seeing weakness in our leadership emboldened him.

Our government has offered to aid President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in fleeing the country. He refused. He has appeared on television telling his countrymen that would probably be the last time they would see him alive, but that he was staying and not going anywhere. Patrick Henry said what in 1775? In case some modern students don’t know it was, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” 

What does our president do? He offers sanctions saying, “…we all know sanctions won’t work immediately, we can have a conversation in a month or so and see if they are working. That must frighten Putin. 

This is not a horror free war. Most Russians soldiers are employing the same tactics used by Genghis Khan. It is to destroy, burn, ravage, pillage, rape, and murder without mercy so that other cities might surrender to avoid such.

Aside from gaining oil rich Ukraine with its fertile fields of golden grain crops is a religious component. The Russian Orthodox Church is a puppet of the state. While serving the dear people of the Roswell Street Baptist Church as pastor we had 85 upper echelon of leaders of the Russian educational community worship with us. Privately they told me of their efforts to reform the educational system and introduce morality therein, being opposed by the Russian Orthodox Church. They did not have freedom of religion in Russia. Ukraine did. There was a concern that freedom in the Ukraine might catch on in Russia. Russia feared the independence of the free Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

One thing Putin fears is a free people.