Prostitots: Little Britneys

On my way driving through my home town recently I had occasion to drive by a humble little brick house. It is on a gravel road with the railroad running through the back yard. There is a small metal building outback that was used as a home gym where the mother of the household taught dancing.

The nearest town, my home town, has a population of about 400 and the second nearest about 2,000. The nearest city is Baton Rouge about 75 miles away.

The house brought two questions to mind. It is reminiscent of a question asked of the ancient village of Nazareth, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

The second question was, “What difference can one person make?”

One of the most influential people in America was reared in that house. No fashion designer has ever had as much influence on youth attire as she. Brittany Spears has influenced not only wardrobes but the morals of young America dramatically. She has influenced youth fashion more than mothers and dads, school boards, and all other influences in society combined.

A group dressing and acting like her has resulted in the coining of a new word, “prostitots.” Middle school and high school youth are emulating her and she Madonna and she what only prostitutes wore a short time ago.

I keep hoping Britney will make enough money she can buy clothes that fit.

In Dublin, Ireland we saw many Britney “wannabes” on the streets. She was playing to a sold out crowd there that night.

Out in the open country about five miles from the house of her youth is her new dwelling. It is a mansion sitting on a ridge flanked by a large guest house on one side and the pool house on the other. The metal fence is made of twelve foot spears tipped in gold. The setting is dramatic amid the majestic oaks.

Psychologists say one way to change your mood and outlook is to “act as if.” If you are emotionally down start acting as though you are up and soon you will be. Apply that principle to our youth culture.

First, there are some youth with high morals that are naively copying Britney. Allow for that minority in evaluating this.

A person is not suggestive because they dress suggestively.

A person dresses suggestively because they are suggestive.

If that is true Britney has influenced more than clothes. She has influenced the morals of youthful Americans. They think suggestive thoughts and their wardrobes signal it.

Moms and dads did you hear that?

They dress like prostitots because they think like prostitots.

Parents, not MTV or Britney nor emotionally and socially immature youth should influence how youth dress. That can be a bitter battlefield on which parents and children fight it out. It can also be a forum in which parents and children bond by understanding each other.