Strayers and Stayers – Part Three

Luke 22: 25 – 30

Jesus interrupted His disciples who were quibbling over which of them might be the greatest. Imagine such a conversation following His explanation of His imminent role as the suffering servant. They had at this moment been diverted from their role as servants of the one who came to serve, not be served. His encouragement offered them included an appeal for them to be stayers, not strayers.

As a devotee of Jesus you are either a stayer or a strayer. Your conduct and conversation determines which. People who care, stay true to Him.

It’s not that people don’t believe in God anymore, just that it doesn’t seem to matter.  That suggests there is little knowledge of the “God” who serves and desires for them the joy inherent in serving. He wants to be more than one to whom you just tip your hat.

The first test of whether we are actually devoted to Jesus is our willingness to do as Jesus did, serve.

Jesus taught there are no bounds as to who we serve. He once said, “In as much as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it unto me.” An application of what He said would be, “You have served me, now go out there and imagine the person you find in need to be Me and help that one as though he or she were Me and you were helping Me.”

There is mutual strength in sharing. 

In California’s giant Sequoia Forest is one tree known as General Sherman. It is over 200 feet tall and 70 feet in circumference. Most think the roots of that big tree must go at least 100 feet deep. They are actually very shallow. Sequoia trees grow only in groves. Their roots intertwine.  When the strong winds come, they each hold up the other.

Jesus intends for His followers to be Sequoia Christians.

There is a big blessing inherent in the doing of a good deed. There are many fringe blessings inherent in caring.  Jesus spoke to His disciples of the heavenly reward. He promised them a kingdom, a table, and a throne in eternity.  However, He has made provision for His followers in time.  By continuing with Him He is also with you. 

Have you anyone who has stayed with you in your trials?  Have you thanked them?  Have you thanked God for them?

Have you related to anyone who can say of you, “You stayed with me in my trials.”

Aspire to so live as to enable Jesus to say of you, ”You stayed with me….”